At night the world disappears


Jaap Robben doesn’t write specifically for an age, but for everyone in particular. In his poetry, the boundary between children and adults is non-existent.

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If someone will ever find my bones


Every year, a number of new words are added to the Dutch dictionary. But that also means some words have to make way, the so-called disappearing words.

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The Night Crickets


The Night Crickets is a collection of poems plus the odd short story in which the world is constantly
described with a serious wink.

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Let’s start a Forest


The poems in Zullen we een bos beginnen? (Shall we start a forest?) are about the magnification of
a grain of sand and the diminution of the whole world at the same time.

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Twee vliegen

Zijn eerste bundel Twee vliegen bracht Jaap uit in eigen beheer. Onder de naam Uitgeverij Steunzool.


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